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Now the weather is getting hotter


Now the weather is getting hotter and hotter, the heat is too hot to endure, many people can not sleep, more and more insomniacs. Insomnia is not a trivial matter. If you can not sleep for a long time, it will affect your physical and mental health. What can we do if we can't sleep in hot weather?



Summer weather is hot and hot insomnia needs to recuperate like this, how does summer insomnia do?



Summer weather is hot and hot, insomnia needs such conditioning.



Improving bedroom environment



Summer beds can make people feel bone pain, so conditioned families try to turn on air conditioning to sleep on summer nights, because this can be matted under the mat a thin blanket, air conditioning will be scheduled to around two in the morning, room temperature to keep about 25 C, and the door or window to leave a gap for ventilation. This can not only isolate external noise, but also maintain the suitability of the room temperature, which can bring a higher quality of sleep.



Daylight is strong and will increase indoor temperature. People are advised to screen the sun with screens and so on. It is also possible to grow the Parthenocissus outside the window or to hang green plants such as green baskets in the windows to insulate them.



The choice of sheets is very important for the quality of sleep. Cotton sheets are recommended because natural fibers can absorb moisture from the skin surface and play a cooling role. The best choice for mat is bamboo or linen, which is better in air permeability, sweat absorption and heat absorption. At the same time, apart from the necessary dark light, there should be no strong light stimulation around the head of the bed. The pillow should be suitable for the physiological curvature of the cervical vertebra, and the height of the pillow is about one blow, so that the neck flexion can be maintained. Soft feather pillow, seven hole or nine hole pillow and foam plastic pillow are ideal choices.



After going to bed, remove or loosen tight clothing, such as hairpin, head cord, belt and bra. Don't wear a dress to sleep, it is not conducive to physical and mental relaxation, but also not conducive to blood circulation and skin ventilation, the harm not only insomnia this one.



Hot and hard to sleep, clever water resources



1, reasonable drinking water supplement body moisture



Summer temperature is high, the human body is easy to sweat away the body's moisture to balance body temperature, the appropriate amount of water is imperative. Many friends in daily life always drink a large glass of ice water before going to bed in order to drive away heat, but this method of replenishing water is not only not conducive to the body's absorption, but also easy to bring burden to the stomach and intestine, unable to sleep safely. Therefore, it is very necessary to develop a habit of replenishing water with proper amount and frequency.



2, hot water bath drive hot two.



Summer night wants to have delicate sleep, hot water bath work. After a day's work and torment, people returning home always feel tired. If you soak in a hot bath an hour before bedtime, you can not only relax nervous tension, contact fatigue, but also wash away sweat, reduce the temperature, so that you can quickly fall asleep. Remember, time is no less than 20 minutes!



3. Scrub furniture and floor to reduce indoor temperature.



The heat brought by the super-high temperature is absorbed by the furniture and floor in one day, which makes people feel hot at night. Wipe the mat, furniture and floor with water before going to bed, not only avoiding the heavy housework the next day, but also effectively reducing the indoor temperature, so that you are cool and clean. Sleeping in the clear air.



Summer insomnia diet therapy



1. Walnut



Proper eating some walnuts also have the effect of soothing the mind, can make us sleep better and more fragrant, walnuts can soothe the mind and improve the quality of sleep, appropriate eating some can improve the quality of sleep, is conducive to the treatment of insomnia, also known as walnut. Walnuts are of high nutritional value, and 500 grams of walnuts are comparable to 2500 grams of eggs or 4500 grams of milk. Among them, the content of fat, calcium and phosphorus is among the best in fruits. Eat a few walnuts every night before going to bed, calming the nerves, improving your mind and breathing.



2, lettuce



Asparagus lettuce also has a good calming effect, which is also very effective in the treatment of insomnia. The white emulsion in the lettuce can be calm and calm, and can treat insomnia. Lettuce leaves contain a kind of milky white liquid. This white emulsion has the sedative and sedative effect, and is not toxic. It is the most suitable for neurasthenia and insomnia. When sleeping is bad, drinking some lettuce juice has a good hypnotic effect. A small spoon of liquid juice can be dissolved in a small cup of water and then diluted.



3. Potatoes



If insomnia occurs, we can properly eat some potatoes can improve the quality of sleep, potatoes contain nutrients that can clean up the impact of sleep substances, improve our sleep quality, it can remove the tryptophan acid that can induce sleep interfere with the role of acid. To achieve this effect, just grill the baked potato and mix it with warm milk.