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8 essential knowledge of health preservation in summer




8 essential knowledge of health preservation in summer



In summer, everything grows. It is the most vigorous season in a year, and the body metabolism is the most vigorous. At the same time, the hot summer sun is like fire, hot air, but also make people uncomfortable season, scientific health in summer is more important. Many people are concerned about how to spend the summer, so how to keep fit in summer?



1, eat less cold food.



Summer generally thought that cold food can cool down, but neglected the body temperature is higher (sometimes as high as 37 degrees), suddenly drink ice water, viscera can not stand. If you want to cool your nerves and calm your nerves, you may drink chrysanthemum tea, honeysuckle tea, mung bean soup or fruit with much water content. However, people with stomach cold can drink more boiled water if they drink less. The constitution is a hot and empty person. You may wish to eat tremella, lotus seeds or Lily, etc.



2, diet should be light.



What is good to eat in summer? The hot summer diet should be light, soft, easy to digest the main, eat less high fat thick taste and spicy hot things. Light diet can clear away heat, prevent heat, sweat and fluid, and can also increase appetite. Eating fresh vegetables and fruits can not only satisfy the nutrition, but also prevent heatstroke.



The main food should be thin, such as mung bean gruel, lotus seed porridge, lotus leaf porridge, etc. Drink some refreshing beverages such as sour plum soup and chrysanthemum tea. However, the cold drink should be moderate, and should not be partial to cold products, otherwise it will damage the Yin and damage the body. In addition, eating vinegar can not only stimulate the appetite, but also inhibit and kill germs and prevent gastrointestinal diseases.



3, it is time to stay awake.



Master of traditional Chinese medicine believes that people who tend to sleep frequently and stay up late often do not feel stable. Because at 11 o'clock to 1 o'clock in the morning, it is the time of blood flow in Zang Fu organs. Also in this period of time, blood back to the liver is about to store essence, if people do not sleep, is tantamount to forcing their liver to continue to decompose work, essence can not be stored, liver Sheng Yin deficiency, Yin and Yang discord. Detoxification, storage and decomposition of bile is the main work of the liver, long-term abuse of the liver does not give rest, liver fire rises, easy to fatigue, Qi deficiency and weakness.



The ancient book of Chinese medicine "Neijing" refers to the three treasures of the human body, "essence, qi, spirit", the spirit is full of Qi, Qi is full of Shenwang. On the contrary, Qi is weak, mental illness is easy, and emotions are also greatly affected. This is the reason for rejuvenation. Don't always stay up late, and take proper nap to improve your health. Good sleep quality is very important for relieving "bitter summer".



4, first, "Qi" and "Xin Ping".



Traditional Chinese medicine health care attaches great importance to "Qi harmony", Qi smoothly, into enough activity energy, physical and mental relaxation, the heart naturally calmed down.



5. Do not exercise too much.



Try to engage in moderate sports, too intense sports caused a lot of sweating, sports consumption, loss of a large amount of body fluid is equivalent to the loss of a large amount of physical strength, mood is easily restless. Tai Chi, qigong or Yuanji dance are good meditation exercises. Choose gentle exercises, breathe gently and calmly, and the tiny blood vessels or meridians in the body give you a chance to get enough nutrients. Listen to music and take a walk. To maintain a calm state of mind, do not be too excited, not to be angry and impatient. When you are restless and your mood is poor, you can ease negative emotions by walking and listening to lively music.



6, fitness is also sexual.



Health experts have stressed that "both body and mind to repair", when the body is not good easy to affect the psychological, psychological impatience, the body slowly weakened. Develop good habits, gradually adjust their temper, habits and personality, emotions can be more stable. From the point of view of emotional health, the real practice is not to avoid seven emotions and six desires, but to be able to perfect control the ups and downs of emotions.



7, housing should be cool.



The indoor temperature is low in the morning and evening. Doors and windows should be opened and ventilated. At noon, the outdoor temperature is much higher than indoor, must be closed doors and windows, pull the curtain, or add a layer of paper yarn, heat-resistant outdoor. In this way, a cool indoor environment will make people feel calm and calm.



8, recreation should be quiet and quiet.



In summer, we must not travel long distances. In the morning, the first light of dawn, three fresh air, can walk and exercise in the luxuriant gardens, and let go of new things. In the evening, when the sun goes down, you can stroll around the riverside, lakeside, the cool wind, will make your heart calm like water, eliminate the fatigue of the day.