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In summer, the


In summer, the weather is hot, many people have bad appetite, low digestive function, and prone to fatigue and burnout. Therefore, we must pay attention to the hot summer diet and take corresponding countermeasures. Adhering to the summer diet to invigorate, invigorate the spleen, dispel heat and dampness as the principle, Xiaobian to teach you what is best to eat in summer?



Best anti fatigue food -- fruit and vegetable juice



The nine "best" teaches you what to eat best in the summer.



When your limbs are tired in summer, drinking more fruit and vegetable juice is a good choice. Fresh fruit and vegetable juice can effectively supplement vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and other minerals for the human body, can enhance cell vitality and gastrointestinal function, promote digestive juice secretion, eliminate fatigue.



It should be noted that when making fruit and vegetable juice, it is best to choose two or three different fruits and vegetables, change and match every day, so that different nutrients can be balanced absorption. Fruit and vegetable dregs should not be missed. After mixing evenly, honey is best eaten together.



Best meat -- duck meat



The nine "best" teaches you what to eat best in the summer.



Duck meat tastes sweet, salty and cool. According to the pathogen of "hot and cold" in traditional Chinese medicine, it is especially suitable for people with hot body to eat, such as low fever, weak, little food, dry stool and other diseases. In addition, duck meat and ham, sea cucumber stew, good tonic five viscera Yin; duck meat and glutinous rice porridge, nourishing stomach, blood, Shengjin; duck with kelp stew, can soften blood vessels, reduce blood pressure, can prevent and treat atherosclerosis, hypertension, heart disease.



Best drink -- hot tea



The nine "best" teaches you what to eat best in the summer.



Summer is inseparable from drinks, the preferred is not a variety of cold drinks, nor beer or coffee, but very common hot tea. Tea is rich in potassium (the average content of potassium per 100 grams of tea water is 10.7 mg of green tea, 24.1 mg of black tea), both thirst and fatigue.



Drinking green tea also reduces sunburn, laxity and roughness by a third, according to a US study. According to British experts, the ability of hot tea to cool much more than cold drinks, is a leader in summer drinks.



Best sunscreen -- tomatoes



The nine "best" teaches you what to eat best in the summer.



Scientists from Germany and Holland have shown that eating tomatoes can protect themselves from sunscreen. If you eat 40 grams of tomato paste every day, the risk of sunburn will be reduced by 40%. Scientists believe that this may be a major role of lycopene.



Best heat removal facility -- fan



Although fans look rather troublesome, proper wind and cool is just what people need. While folding the fan, it is also a kind of exercise, which can exercise our arms, activate our right brain, and has the function of fitness.



Best condiment vinegar



The nine "best" teaches you what to eat best in the summer.



Vinegar is essential in cooking, and vinegar in summer dishes is also beneficial. First, vinegar can kill bacteria. In summer bacterial reproduction is active, intestinal infectious diseases increase, at this time, vinegar can have a strong killing effect on a variety of bacteria. Second, vinegar can regulate gastrointestinal function. Vinegar is sour, slightly sweet and fragrant. When you smell vinegar and taste vinegar, the digestive juice will secrete naturally, so you can have a strong appetite.



Best vegetable -- bitter vegetable



The nine "best" teaches you what to eat best in the summer.



As the saying goes, "hot food" is better than tonic. Bitter food contains amino acids, picrins, alkaloids and so on, with antibacterial anti-inflammatory, antipyretic heat, refreshing, eliminating fatigue and other effects.



Traditional Chinese medicine believes that summer heat is very damp, which not only damages the kidney but also traps the spleen and stomach. Bitter food can achieve the balance of body function through its function of invigorating qi, strengthening the kidney, strengthening the spleen and dampness. Common bitter foods include balsam pear, bitter vegetable, Gai Lan and so on. It should be noted that bitter food should not be eaten too much at a time, otherwise it is easy to cause nausea, vomiting and other discomfort.



Best fruit -- watermelon



Watermelon tastes sweet and cold, and the folk is called "cold melon", which is the first choice for clearing thirst and relieving thirst in cucurbits. Watermelon is rich in nutrients and contains many nutrients that human body needs. Because it contains 96.6% of moisture, it can replenish the large amount of water lost in summer. Therefore, there is a saying that "half a melon a day and hot summer can be counted". Summer heat stroke, fever, upset, thirst or other acute fever, watermelon should be used for adjuvant treatment. Watermelon skin can also be used for cold mixing and stir frying.



Best porridge -- mung bean porridge



The nine "best" teaches you what to eat best in the summer.



In summer, porridge food is a traditional health care method in our country, which is good for our health. Drink porridge best to drink mung bean gruel, mung bean sex cool, have the effect of clearing away heat and relieving heat. For summer heat porridge, lotus leaf porridge, fresh lotus root gruel, raw reed gruel and so on.